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The Commemorative Order of St Thomas of Acon is running a Charity Initiative collecting Food Tins for the Trussel Trust for distribution to local food banks

The Gilbert Becket Chapel No.100 meeting at Masonic Hall Long Eaton created an  initiative called 'You Can/Two Can'.

This initiative was created  in 2022 by Sir Michael (Hodkinson) of Wachefeld, Grand Sentry, Province of Central Midlands, and Sir Andrew (Emery) of Ghellinge, Right Worthy Grand Preceptor, Province of East Midlands.


This means that at every meeting, (two held every year), each member who attends brings two cans of tinned products, which is then donated to the Long Eaton and Sawley Food Bank operated by the Trussell Trust in Long Eaton.

The collected items are taken by the  Grand Almoner.Sir David of Mufulira to the Charity

From the latest meeting at Long Eaton, St Thomas of Acon Knights donated 68 tins of food to a weight of 30.86 kg

The food bank measures all food by weight and records donations as such

The Order of St Thomas of Acon in the East Midlands region contains members from Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Lincolnshire and Leicestershire

If anyone would also like to donate some tins please contact and we will ensure they go towards this very worthwhile initiative

Alternatively contact the Trussel Trust at

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