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You want to make a positive contribution to society

Whether taking part in social events or fundraising, charity is at the very heart of Freemasonry. Our members make valuable contributions to deserving causes and it’s because of this we’re recognised as one of the largest charitable givers in the country, contributing £51.1 million to deserving causes in 2020 alone.

You want to make new friendships

From the Universities Scheme and new and young masons clubs, to special interest Lodges, Freemasonry gives members many opportunities to make a wide circle of friends for life. Finding bonds with people who share common interests and meeting people from all different backgrounds are only some of the ways Freemasonry can help cultivate lasting friendships.

You want to develop yourself

Freemasonry is all about building character and supporting members as individuals. It’s these foundations that allow members to develop themselves, from increased self-confidence to transferable skills such as public speaking.


Becoming a Freemason

Becoming a Freemason means you’ll be joining more than 200,000 members throughout England and Wales, as well as Districts overseas.

Membership is open to any man over the age of 18 irrespective of their race or religion. In total, we have more than 7,000 Lodges, with students able to join one of 87 University Scheme Lodges.

18 Years or older

The minimum age for joining is 18. There is no upper age limit to membership, and many of our members come to Freemasonry later in life.

There are dedicated clubs and Lodges catering to University Students, as well as newer and younger members.

Good Moral Character

Freemasonry prides itself on being a force for social good. We require that all of our candidates have a clear criminal record.

Belief in a Supreme Being

​When becoming a Freemason, members are expected to be able to affirm a belief in a ‘Supreme Being’.


This is deliberately phrased so as to be fully inclusive; most of our members generally believe in a God - be it Christian, Muslim, Sikh or Jewish etc - of some sort, and there is no requirement to be an active practitioner of any particular religion.

Able to commit time

​The amount of time you choose to give to Freemasonry is again largely up to you.


Most Lodges meet in the evenings between 4 – 6 times a year, usually between the Months of August – May, though there are Lodges that meet more regularly, or outside of those dates.


There are also certain rehearsals and social functions that you may choose to attend

Requirements for Membership

Why become a Freemason?

People join Freemasonry for many different reasons, some join for the friendships they will make; friendships that last a lifetime and encompass the key milestones in life for better or worse. You will meet people who are different to you, those of different ages with radically different life experiences and interests, drawn together by common experience through Freemasonry. 


Our members are, and have been for three centuries, drawn from all walks of life. From Captains of industry and chief executives to manual labourers and forklift truck drivers, so you will find people with a wealth of different outlooks from all races, religions, classes and backgrounds.


There are also those who enjoy the ceremonial aspects. Our meetings consist of centuries old lessons centered around you as an individual. How you live your life, the decisions that you make and how to become a better person are all found within our meetings.


Freemasons are taught to look after those less fortunate than themselves, charity is our lifeblood and many members devote their time and energy to helping those less fortunate than themselves.


We also have a huge amount of fun along the way, we eat, drink and meet together and form lifelong friendships.

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