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New treatments for breast cancer are on the way, thanks to our support.

There will be hope for new treatments and better care for people battling breast cancer, as the Nottingham Breast Cancer Research Centre received a research grant of £95,996.

Over 50,000 people in the UK are diagnosed with breast cancer every year and over 10,000 die as a result of it. The research conducted by Phd student Sophie Williams, under the guidance of Dr Sarah Storr and Professor Stewart Martin at the University of Nottingham, aims to find new ways to treat and support those with breast cancer.

Sophie’s research will focus on calpains, a group of proteins that play a role in spreading breast cancer cells to other parts of the body. She aims to find out more about them and how they alter the various signalling pathways in the body. In doing so, she hopes to understand more about the role of calpastatin, which can block the harmful effects of calpains.

It is hoped through her research that Sophie will be able to discover new and effective treatments for those currently living with breast cancer, which could enable them to live much longer.

’I'm very grateful for the support from the Nottinghamshire Freemasons for giving me the opportunity to work on and discover new treatments to bring relief to many around the world. I look forward to conducting my research."

Sophie Williams

"We are very pleased to be supporting the studies of Sophie and her vitally important work to develop new treatments for those suffering from breast cancer. Her work will improve the lives of many around the world."

Andrew Rainbow and Peter Gregory, Nottinghamshire Freemasons

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