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Mansfield Lodge of Instruction welcomes UGLE Communications staff

Shaun Butler (UGLE Deputy Director of Communications) & Livia Ferreira (UGLE Public Relations Manager) visited Mansfield Lodge of Instruction and gave an informative and thought provoking presentation on "Communicating Freemasonry"

Shaun & Livia gave a detailed update on how UGLE plans for portraying Masonry in a positive light were progressing and how the Digital Media campaign from a few months ago yielded far more membership leads than had actually been hoped for and that these are being progressed with it is hoped many Initiations to follow

It is clear that they are working hard to get the media interested in the many positive Masonry related stories and it was interesting to note that numerous workshops are being planned this year to enable Provinces to continue this work

Pictured above are Shaun & Livia , and supporting the Province Asst PGM David Wall, Les Boyington (Mansfield LOI preceptor) and W Bro Graham Wood, (Past Asst PGM)

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