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The Widows Sons at the Brethrens' Big Brunch

A Brethren’s Big Brunch was held at the Acacia Centre Annesley Woodhouse by Clumber Lodge 8199 on the 30th October

This was an opportunity for an informal meet and greet and a chance for anyone thinking of joining freemasonry to find out a bit more.

It also seemed a good event for the Widows Sons Masonic Bikers Association (WSMBA) to go along and support. Us bikers love a big brekky!

After checking with the organizer W Bro Shaun Hayfield to see if it was OK for us to go along we attended in good numbers, about 20 of us all told. Nearly all of the WSMBA social events are open to our partners, friends and children and this really fitted in with the Big Brunch, which was a real family event.

Our branch (East Midlands Chapter) of the WSMBA represents Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Leicestershire. We haven’t really done a great deal in Nottinghamshire and would like to do more. We will keep in touch with Shaun, but would like to hear of any events that we may be able to support in the future.

For any bikers out there that think that they may want to get involved with us then you can make contact using the email for more information.

We hold a breakfast meeting every third Sunday at Shardlow Marina where you would be made most welcome for a chat. The WSMBA are often mistaken for a Lodge, which we are not. As previously mentioned, we are very inclusive and that is what makes us successful. You should see the smile on the kids faces when they come back from their first pillion ride.

Charity is at the core of what we do and we seem to do really well at it, just by having fun.

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