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Members of The Freemasons of Bassetlaw, members of Carolgate Lodge, and The Chairman of the Provincial Charity Committee John Pawlik, visiting Hetty's in Mansfield.

Hetty's is a charity that provides support to people whose children, parents, close family or friends have an addiction.

Every month up to 250 families are given help in many areas of their lives.

Hetty's was founded by a group of women in 1996 who themselves suffered the pain and heartache of having loved ones with substance abuse, they provide telephone, one-to-one, and support group assistance to those directly or indirectly affected by alcohol and substance misuse.

Every intervention provides the tools to assist them in their everyday lives, they encourage clients to take advantage of the support available from Hetty's.

Pictured are John Pawlik Colin Meakin Bob Cooley Geoff Woodfield

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