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Byron Club needs its 100th member

Will you be our 100th member? 🎉 😊

We offer our members lots of fun and engaging events, including lodge and chapter visits, social events, and access to other events of masonic interest in and around the province of Nottingham. For example, this year we have been able to offer visits to many lodges to see a variety of ceremonies, as well as several Ceremonial visits, opportunities to visit Great Queen Street and London Lodges, an Installation for a traveling military lodge under the Irish Constitution, a club BBQ, a bowling evening and lots more. We are also proud to be supporting Notts Installed Masters this June who will be hosting the 2022 Prestonian Lecture which will be delivering a lecture on Freemasonry and The Royal Family. We have also recently expanded to include Chapter visits as parts of our program.

We also offer access to our very active and interesting WhatsApp group, where members can share knowledge and information with each other, as well as form new bonds and friendships, and keep up to date with lots of Masonic business.

It is a common misconception that our club has an age limit – this is no longer the case, and Masons of any age can join. We also offer Associate Membership to those who hold Provincial Rank and above, as this allows as many as possible to engage and participate, and also allows for more knowledgeable and experienced Brethren to pass on their wisdom to newer Masons.

The current joining cost is just £7.50 (until 1st September - usually £15) so now is a great opportunity to join us and make a saving along the way! To join, simply visit and complete the application form. It is quick and simple and will only take a couple of minutes

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