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TLC Red Bear plays at Trent Bridge Cricket Ground

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

The Nottinghamshire TLC BEAR paid a visit to Trent Bridge Cricket Ground, the home of Nottinghamshire Cricket Club and a well known Test Match Ground.

TLC Bear is well known and respected for his Masonic Charity work and Cricket coaching and was honoured by this VIP Tour despite the Yorkshire cricketing credentials of his latest pupil Jonny Bear-Stow

During his visit, BEAR toured the home team dressing room and the players' balcony, the Physiotherapy room, and helped with the communications.

Bear couldn't miss the chance to get in some practice on the pitch, batting and then Wicket Keeping with the Nottinghamshire Provincial Grand Master at the crease.

Can anyone tell me how many runs the PGM scored ? Confidential answers to

Bear and the Province would like to thank the Trent Bridge Staff for their support and hospitality for arranging the visit.

PGM and W Bro Roger Pegg and TLC Bear thanking Matthew Freeman from Trent Bridge

The Provincial Grand Master, Assistant Grand Secretary A. Yates and W. Bro Pegg particularly wish to thank Trent Bridge for giving us free rein to take photographs around the ground.

Teddies for Loving Care is funded by donations, if you would like to support this wonderful charity that helps children in hospitals you can send a donation to: TLC Nottingham, Sort Code 60 80 09, Act No 61138541.

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