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Hermes in Nottinghamshire

Nottinghamshire’s 115 Craft Lodges and Royal Arch Chapters along with Bristol Province and the District of Cyprus have gone live with Hermes in 2022. The Hermes Users are your Lodge Secretary or Chapter Scribe E.

The lengthy lead-times of filling out forms, getting signatures, sending these to Provincial Office to further process, is a thing of the past since the beginning of this month. Hermes updates the UGLE database at Gt. Queen St. as soon as your Sec/ScE enters the information on his PC / Laptop, which is instantly verified by Adelphi.

The feedback from Hermes Users so far, has been largely encouraging with comments like ‘I did not realise it would be so easy to use’. They are finding Hermes is intuitive to follow, after viewing the 7 training Webinars.

When a meeting has taken place a Post Meeting Report is completed giving details of participants who have performed in the Ceremony, to record their work.

Some Users, as we know are less confident with new technology, so we have 9 Provincial Adelphi Users with responsibility for up to 15 Users each, to assist them at each step of the way, or to raise a support request if they are stuck.

As with all new computer systems there will be glitches and bugs to iron out, so resources have been added in this Province to assist UGLE in prioritising those areas requiring urgent attention.

You may have read that there will be a pause in the rollout of Hermes to other Provinces for a month, to ensure that issues can be resolved before they go live.

I hope that has given you a brief insight into this new technology and I look forward to updating you as we go forward. Hermes, I’m glad to say is a welcome change.

Iain T.A. Finden, PAGDC,

Hermes Champion, Notts. PPC.

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