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Holy Royal Arch

Freemasonry is often described as "a journey of discovery" and when a Mason has completed the early stages of his development, he is free to join other Orders in Freemasonry. The Royal Arch is acknowledged as the most important of these additional steps - as it is a continuation of Craft Masonry. It is the only Order that is also administered from Masonry's headquarters in Great Queen Street, London.

The governing body is called Supreme Grand Chapter and is headed by the First Grand Principal the Duke of Kent. As with Craft Masonry, the Country is divided into geographical areas and the Royal Arch Province of Nottinghamshire is known as the Provincial Grand Chapter of Nottinghamshire.

The Royal Arch Province of Nottinghamshire is headed by a Grand Superintendent, appointed by Supreme Grand Chapter, and he is assisted by a Deputy and two Principals. The Provincial head office is based in the imposing building on Goldsmith Street, Nottingham.

The purpose of Provincial Grand Chapter is to be the interface between Supreme Grand Chapter and the Chapters that meet in the various Masonic centres around Nottinghamshire. The head of the administration section is the Provincial Scribe Ezra and he is the main point of contact with Supreme Grand Chapter, the Chapters and the outside world.

The Province has an Annual General Meeting held in May each year which is presided over by the Grand Superintendent. This meeting provides the opportunity for the whole Province to come together and to recognise the achievements of individual members for their service to individual Chapters or the Province. The event is always attended by senior representatives from the neighbouring Provinces.

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