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Worksop Priory Lodge



About the Lodge

Worksop Priory Lodge meets on a Monday evening at the Worksop Masonic Hall, situated in Worksop, a small market town in North Nottinghamshire. Our masonic season starts in October each year and closes the following May (The Lodge does not meet in January). Meetings usually start at 6.15 pm but occasionally can vary depending on particular circumstances.
After the formal meeting we all join together in enjoying a meal in a very convivial atmosphere, which is known as the “festive board” this is a chance to enjoy the social side of Freemasonry. We also have additional social events; the most notable being our annual dinner usually held in late autumn. This is where our partners join us; providing us with an opportunity to thank them for their important support throughout the year. Family members, friends and potential candidates along with their partners are very welcome to attend this dinner, as well as all our other social events.
The Lodge membership is made up of men from a wide and varying background and ages, with a rich blend of diversity. It is regularly acknowledged by those fellow masons who visit us, as being a very friendly and amiable lodge with a supportive atmosphere; a Lodge where visitors can expect a warm and inviting welcome.
As a lodge we have a proud history of taking our Freemasonry seriously; but are also keen to make it an enjoyable experience too. Candidates wishing to join our Lodge, along with any Masonic joining members; will receive the benefit of our support, camaraderie and friendliness, which the full Masonic membership of our lodge provides.

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Interested in Joining Us?

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Lodge History

Our Lodge and Its History Worksop Priory Lodge No 7443 is a Freemasons’ Lodge in the Province of Nottinghamshire warranted by The United Grand Lodge of England. It was consecrated on the 12th of May1956 being formed by 18 founder members. The lodge is named after the historical Worksop Priory church and permission was given at that time, to incorporate the arms of the church on our lodge banner. The design of the banner is best described as a white St Andrews cross on a dark blue background with a crook in the upper section and the square and compasses in the lower section, with five ducal crowns across the centre, two in each side section and one in the centre of the cross. The words “The Worksop Priory Lodge” are displayed in a scroll across the top, the date of the consecration across the bottom. as well as the lodge motto ”Vitam Impendere Vero” meaning “To devote your life to the truth”.

Ideal Candidate

We welcome any man to join us; any potential candidate will be met on an informal basis by members of the Lodge, to provide an opportunity for an informal friendly and hopefully informative chat before being required to make any formal commitment. Candidates who decide to join us are at all times treated with respect. Their decision as to how they wish to progress through the various offices in the Lodge, including up to that of Worshipful Master, will be fully supported by the members of the lodge.
Not everyone chooses to progress through the offices of the Lodge and are quite happy to enjoy their Lodge membership and the experience that comes with it. A number of our members enjoy and even arrange social events such as quiz nights, tribute nights, race nights etc., which all are open to non-members including members of the public. These are always well supported events, and provide further opportunities for anyone who may be thinking of becoming a freemason to come along and meet with those who already enjoy their membership.
We also welcome men who are already Masons who may wish to join our lodge as a “joining member” who think they will benefit from our friendly, supportive and progressive approach.
Want to Know More?
If you want to know more about our lodge or to enquire about potentially joining us, please contact the lodge secretary David Snowdon at or Tel 01909 282475.

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