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Welbeck Lodge


West Bridgford

About the Lodge

Our Lodge is part of a worldwide fraternity established over 300 years ago. We pride ourselves on the diversity of the membership with a large variety of backgrounds, ages and interests leading to a varied calendar of events and social functions which include partners, families, and friends.
The Lodge is managed by the Worshipful Master and his team who are appointed in May of each year for 12 months.
From the moment you join Welbeck you will be appointed a personal Mentor to support your aspirations in Freemasonry.
As well as our regular meetings committee get togethers are held on the 1st Tuesday of the month to discuss the running of the lodge where everyone is invited to contribute and new members are invited to learn about Freemasonry at our Lodge of Instruction held monthly between September and March.
As well as supporting wholeheartedly both national and Nottinghamshire fund raising activities, we are keen to support charities and individuals locally here in West Bridgford. At the last Nottinghamshire fund raising event Welbeck lodge was the 2nd highest contributor per head to that appeal.
For further information visit our website or contact Stuart Pear on

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Interested in Joining Us?

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Lodge History

The lodge was established in 1902 and since the names of new lodges were drawn from local landmarks and buildings, and as Welbeck Abbey was the residence of the then head of Nottinghamshire Freemasonry, the name was chosen.
Lodge meetings were thereafter held at Friary School on Musters Road in West Bridgford.
After a few years Welbeck Lodge acquired land and money to build its present home at Freemasons Hall on Welbeck Road in West Bridgford where the first meeting was held in May 1910.
An Important aspect of the Lodge is that we value our position as one of the oldest lodges in Nottinghamshire.

Ideal Candidate

Men of all ages and backgrounds with varied interests, who are keen to expand their social circle whilst at the same time learning about Freemasonry and its history, sharing our values of supporting those less fortunate than ourselves, enjoying themselves and the desire to subscribe to the ethos of making good men better.
We are especially interested in someone who enjoys socialising whilst at the same time raising funds for charities.
You need to be available on the 2nd Tuesday of the month from October to December inclusive and between February and May inclusive when we have our regular meetings followed by a dinner.

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