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University of Nottingham Lodge


Nottingham City Centre

About the Lodge

The University of Nottingham Lodge is a strong, progressive, Lodge with a diverse membership, we have a wide range of ages, nationalities, experience, and occupations (which includes Students, Graduates, Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers, Accountants, Engineers, Professors and Lecturers). We are proud of the high quality of our ritual in which junior Brethren are involved right from the start. We enjoy a sociable dinner following each meeting and make visitors and all newer members feel most welcome. We hold many social activities including a ‘White Table’ event following one of our regular meetings.
The Lodge meets on the fourth Thursday of the months of September, October, November, January, February and April at Goldsmith Street Freemasons’ Hall. Our meetings begin with the opening of the Lodge at 5.45 pm, except for the Installation meeting in September when we start earlier at 5pm. Lodge rehearsals are held on the Wednesday of the preceding week.

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Interested in Joining Us?

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Lodge History

The University of Nottingham Lodge was consecrated in 1958 in the Great Hall of the University of Nottingham. The Senate of The University confirmed its consent to the creation of The Lodge, suggested the name of the Lodge and gave us permission to hold our meetings on university premises.
Regular Meetings were initially held in a private dining room of the Portland Building at the University. As time progressed, problems with dates and venues for the meetings developed with suitable rooms not always being available. The Lodge therefore moved to the Masonic Hall at Goldsmith Street (just across the road from Trent University) where it still meets. As a University Lodge our meeting dates have always followed the University Terms (Semesters).
As a member of the United Grand Lodge of England Universities Scheme, we actively help to forge links between Freemasonry and the many students and other young people who are seeking to become involved in Freemasonry but who may not know where to begin. We are also a member of the Association of Medical, University and Legal Lodges (AMULL) and the Federation of School Lodges (FSL).
The design of our Lodge Banner reflects our origins. Three wavy lines of blue run across the shield at the centre signifying the location of Nottingham on the River Trent and recognising the importance of the river in the development and history of the City. Superimposed is a “cross moline gules” (a red cross broadened at its extremities) to recognise the University’s foundation. Above the cross the open book is inscribed with the words: QUAERENTI OSTIUM, (to the enquirer – a gateway) which may be seen as an appreciation of the University’s role of seeking the truth through study. Flanking the open book are domed towers, one surmounted by a crescent moon and one by a star. These were derived from the triple towered walled castle that features on the City Coat of Arms that was formally recognised in 1614. The towers on the University Arms acknowledge the great contribution made by the City in establishing the University College.
The original criteria for membership included having a connection with Nottingham University or any other University. Over the years this was extended to include men with equivalent professional qualifications such as teaching, industry, commerce, etc.

Ideal Candidate

We are always looking to introduce new members. That includes those new to Freemasonry (Initiates) or existing freemasons looking for a new, progressive, inspiring Lodge. We are constantly striving, and succeeding, in providing our members with the opportunity to embark on an amazing life-long journey of learning and self-discovery. This is driven by a diverse membership that benefits and grows from having a group of people with a range of personalities, nationalities, skills, and qualities. We provide charitable support to national and local community causes. If all this appeals to you then The University of Nottingham Lodge is for you. You can obtain more information from our website [] from where you can also contact us and make enquiries concerning your application to join.
The candidate profile may be described as follows:

• Men of all ages and backgrounds who satisfy our membership requirements.
• University students, staff, graduates, and alumni of any worldwide university.
• Men with any equivalent professional qualification.
• We concentrate our efforts on the University of Nottingham, mainly because that is our name!
• Members can be studying, in full/part time employment, unemployed or retired.
• As we meet on a Thursday, being available on those Thursday evenings is clearly important.
• We are especially interested in people who wish to get involved in the activities of the Lodge.
• We pride ourselves in being a highly sociable group who welcomes visitors to every meeting.

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