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Trent Bentinck Lodge


West Bridgford

About the Lodge

The Lodge meets on the third Monday of the months from October to April, with October being the Installation meeting. A rehearsal for those involved in these meeting is held on the second Thursday
The brethren are also encouraged to attend on a Friday evening to rehearse the next ceremony and develop their knowledge and skills of freemasonry.
The Lodge has 45 members, working or retired from careers in a wide range of sectors including Banking, Engineering, Construction, Health, Finance, Police, Education, Information Technology, Hospitality and Media.
Apart from Freemasonry the members have hobbies which include; Golf, supporting a local football team, Gardening, Sailing and Walking.
Our partners and friends are invited to join us for dinner at the Christmas Lodge meeting. Additionally, we organise other social events such as an Annual Dinner-Dance, Social Evenings i.e. Quiz Night and Afternoon Tea to which we invite the Widows of the lodge.
These events enable our wives and partners to be more involved with the Lodge and are convenient to invite prospective new members, that they may learn more of the aims and benefits of freemasonry.
As Freemasons, charity is at the top of our priorities, so as well as offertory collections and holding raffles at our meetings, we also raise monies at our social events. Monies raised on these occasions are donated to masonic charities as well as local non-masonic charities, such as Clifton Food Bank, Stonebridge Animal Farm, St Pauls Café and Hear Together. We also support the charity initiatives and festivals of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Nottinghamshire, to which all members are asked to contribute according to their means.

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Interested in Joining Us?

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Lodge History

The Trent–Bentinck Lodge meets at Freemasons’ Hall in West Bridgford, a popular area on the outskirts of Nottingham. The hall itself overlooks the river Trent and is close to the famous Trent Bridge Cricket Club.
The Lodge was formed by the amalgamation of the Trent Lodge and the Bentinck Lodge on the 26th of September 2022.
The Trent Lodge was consecrated on 23rd November 1927 at Freemasons’ Hall, West Bridgford. The formation of the Lodge was decided at an informal meeting at the Mikado Café in Long Row Nottingham on the 27th January 1927 and at a subsequent meeting on the 26th February 1927, it was decided that Duchess of Portland Lodge be invited to act as sponsors and become the mother Lodge.
The Bentinck Lodge was consecrated on the 19th of April 1910, which was the same day that the Freemasons’ Hall in West Bridgford was officially opened. The name was taken from Lord Henry Bentinck who became a founding member and gave permission for the Lodge to use his coat of arms. Lord Henry Bentinck was then the Provisional Grand Master for Westmorland and Cumbria, and the brother of the then Provisional Grand Master of Nottinghamshire, the Duke of Portland.

Ideal Candidate

Trent–Bentinck Lodge is a traditional Lodge, focusing on delivering a high standard of ritual at our meetings, so all who attend have a memorable experience and enjoy the warm friendly atmosphere that the Lodge members are renowned for generating.
As a Lodge, we are very keen that new members immediately experience the camaraderie of the brethren and from day one they feel part of the team. So, the Lodge Mentor appoints an individual Mentor to be in regular contact with a new member, so he never feels left out.
On joining, a new member will enjoy the genuine friendship our brethren bring in supporting them through their masonic career, they will assist a new member in becoming an excellent mason and a better man in a very happy and friendly atmosphere among likeminded people.
Ideal Candidate
Because our present membership has such a varied background, men of all ages and backgrounds who satisfy our membership requirements would be well suited and welcome.
Available initially Third Monday October-April and second Thursday October-April (7months)
Apart from Freemasonry the members have hobbies which include; Golf, supporting a local football team, Gardening, Sailing and Walking.
Enjoy socialising and has the full support of wife/partner
Willingness to learn and interested in getting involved with activities of the lodge

Further Information
Trent-Bentinck Lodge email:

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