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St Giles Lodge


West Bridgford

About the Lodge

St Giles Lodge has been providing friendship and charity donations for over a hundred years and as current guardians of this very proud and well-established lodge, we welcome new members to join us to be part of this thriving lodge. Our membership is drawn from working, retired professionals and businessmen that enjoy each other's company and share common ground with a passion for freemasonry.

Our lodge meets six times a season commencing on the fourth Thursday in October and then on the same Thursday through to April, apart from December when no formal meeting is held however a social dinner is held instead. The meetings start at 6pm and include a meal often ending around 10pm, they are held at the Welbeck Masonic Hall in West Bridgford, Nottingham on the banks of the river Trent and offers free onsite parking.

In addition to the regular formal meetings, a relaxed instructional evening is held on the second Thursday on each of the above months to support new and junior members to receive knowledge and 1 to 1 instruction on our ceremonies from experienced members and provides opportunities to build on the friendships formed within our regular meetings.

Socially we have regular events throughout the year to ensure our families are involved within the lodge, these range from a Christmas white table event, ladies’ festival in March and a BBQ in July, these will also be accompanied by other ad hoc social events throughout the season.

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Lodge History

The story of St. Giles Lodge began in the years following the first world war with several Freemasons who were amongst the Officers, Choristers and Congregation of the Parish Church of St. Giles in West Bridgford, and who belonged to the Welbeck, Hayman, Rufford, Thoresby and Bentinck Lodges of Nottinghamshire, and - the Royal Alfred Lodge in Derbyshire. Their interests in the Church, and Masonry, made the step leading to forming a new Lodge to be named after that Church where they worshipped in.
The St. Giles Lodge was consecrated on 12 October 1921 with the cost of the banquet being twenty shillings which included wine.

We celebrated our century on the 14 October 2021 which was a grand and enjoyable event with over 60 brethren in attendance.

Ideal Candidate

The varied nature of our membership is our strength as this ensures the experiences we have gained in life and our working careers ensures we all have something different to offer the lodge and thereby it creates a unique environment of friendship and enjoyment as you pursue your masonic journey in a friendly and family-oriented Lodge.

Thereby we welcome all men who wish to share this environment from whatever careers and life experience.

Our membership age range varies from the early 30’s to late 80’s, the main locations our members are recruited from being Nottinghamshire & Leicestershire.

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