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Southwell Lodge


Nottingham City Centre

About the Lodge

The Southwell Lodge is an old established but forward-thinking group of men who meet in Nottingham city centre on the first Friday of the winter months (except January). Our members range in age from 20 to 89 and come from all walks of life. This variety gives us an independent spirit and allows our individuality to thrive within a band of Brothers environment. You will become great friends with people you may never otherwise have met. Regardless of background you will find enjoyment and acceptance in Freemasonry.
The qualities we prize are comradeship, charity and integrity. The purpose of our group is to try to make good men better and to achieve that by learning good principles through self-discovery and interacting with others. We call our meetings “ceremonies” and they are distinctive but not weird – there is nothing your mother would not approve of. They aim to show how important it is to be honest and to consider others, especially the less fortunate.
You would also need to believe that a supreme being is watching over us (whether you call them God, Allah, Brahman etc) and will look favorably on you doing the right thing.
We also have plenty of time for enjoying ourselves and have social events throughout the year and a sociable meal after each meeting.
Perhaps you are new to Nottingham, perhaps your partner has their own group of friends, perhaps you are recently retired or widowed, perhaps pub crawls never did, or now no longer, have the same appeal and you would like to get together with a group of good mates with a communal sense of purpose.
If you have read this far don’t wait to be asked, make that enquiry to David Tomlinson by email at

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Interested in Joining Us?

Then please get in touch

Lodge History

Over 150 years ago, in 1872, several freemasons living in and around Southwell felt that a Masonic Lodge should be established in the town. The Southwell Lodge, being a daughter lodge of Newstead Lodge, was constituted on July 18th, 1872 to meet in the former Assembly Rooms at the Saracen's Head Inn on the first Friday of every month. The recognised pronunciation of the lodge name is "Suthel " and not "Southwell."
Southwell is about 15 miles to the North East of Nottingham (about 4 hours by horse in those days) however the lodge moved to The George Inn in Nottingham in 1880 and thence to the newly constructed Masonic Hall in Goldsmith Street, Nottingham in 1884.
In the early years the Lodge met every month until in the 1880's it settled to meeting from September to May, the May meeting and the January meeting later being dropped.
From inception the membership has come from all walks of life and maintains an individuality and spirit of independence.

Ideal Candidate

The variety of our current membership means we welcome any man who considers themselves a decent person.
Hopefully they have a thirst for knowledge and a willingness learn and deliver dialogue.
Amiable, amenable and humble with a love of tradition and history.
Maybe works away through the week but is back at weekends.
Likes to be involved without being the centre of attention.

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