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Ribblesdale Lodge


West Bridgford

About the Lodge

Ribblesdale Lodge No. 8020 is over 50 years old. It was sponsored by Carlton Lodge and consecrated in 1965.
The Lodge has a history spanning over 55 year’s with around 25 members from a diverse cross-section of society.
The Lodge initially drew its membership from workers at the Electricity Distribution Board and later from the teaching sector; the current membership is derived from a wide variety of professions including teaching, emergency services, security, IT, plumbers, pyrotechnics, carpenters and many more. Our membership spans many generations ranging from members in their twenties up to our distinguished octogenarian brethren.

It is a friendly and inviting group of gentlemen who meet together on the second Monday of October, November, February, March and April at Goldsmith Street Masonic Hall at 6.00 pm. Rehearsals and study circle evenings are usually followed by a beer or a curry, and we try and meet up once a month during the “closed season” – June to September.

As Freemasons, we are united by our shared values, which are described at .

Our regular Masonic meetings are concluded by a convivial evening meal; in addition to this we have a number of social events that are open to family and friends such a Christmas social with partners, family and guests on the second Monday in December – this also includes some entertainment and carol singing.
We also have a spring ball and sometimes a summer BBQ with an open invite to all members and their guests.

The lodge has strong connections with the Byron Club, which is a social group for new and young Masons, and helps members develop a wider circle of masonic friends.

We have a diverse membership covering a wide range of ages, professions, both working and retired, and as you would expect we have a range of personalities, skills and qualities – a true cornucopia! We are forward-thinking and through Freemasonry, offer an amazing life-long journey of learning and self-discovery. As a progressive Lodge we are now looking to attract new members who share our interest in personal development, shared enjoyment and support for our local community.

We are active fundraisers and donate to a wide range of local charities as well as the central Masonic ones.

The costs of membership compares very favorably with those of other social groups; as a Lodge we offer great value and are always looking for new and innovative ways to support and develop our members.

If you think this Lodge is for you, please enquire via and specifically mention the Lodge name, Ribblesdale (8020), or contact the Lodge Membership Officer at .

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Interested in Joining Us?

Then please get in touch

Lodge History

The first regular meeting of Ribblesdale Lodge was held on 13th September 1965. It was one of the first lodges to be consecrated by PGM Rt. W. Bro. C. H. V. Elliott.

Originally, the lodge met at Daybrook House, on Ribblesdale Road, Arnold. It is thought that this where the lodge name originated, as there seems to have been no connection with Ribblesdale in Lancashire, although the lodge does use a picture of the Ribble Valley in the lodge emblem.

Our banner was adopted and then dedicated on 13th June 1966 at a meeting attended by 27 members and 55 visitors. The banner carries the moto "Levavi Oculos In Montes", which refers to Psalm 121, which translates into English as “I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills”.

Earlier in 1966, W. Bro. Reginald James Leafe joined Ribblesdale as a joining member. He was our organist for many years, and had once refereed the Cup Final at Wembley. He was also appointed to take charge of several matches at the 1958 World Cup and was known in Spain as the referee who disallowed a number of (4) Real Madrid goals in their 1960 European Cup tie against Barcelona.

When decimalisation was introduced, the lodge dues were modified from being stated in guineas to the new decimalised currency. Annual subs changed from 9 guineas to £9.50 (approx. £150 in todays money), and the initiation fee changed from 40 guineas to £45.00 (approx. £710 in todays money). However, it is interesting to note that the Alms collection was still recorded as £5/3s/6d.

The last meeting at Daybrook House was in 1981 when the lodge moved to the Chilwell Masonic Hall, and then later moved to West Bridgford Masonic Hall in 2002.
Ribblesdale Lodge met at West Bridgford until 2020 when we moved to the Provincial Masonic Hall on Goldsmith Street in the City Centre, however the lodge didn’t meet at Goldsmith Street until 2021, due to the Covid-19 pandemic which saw lodges sadly have to temporarily close their doors.

When the lodge met at Daybrook House, it was dominated by employees of the Electricity Distribution Board. After moving to Chilwell, we attracted many members from the teaching profession. As the lodge grew, so did the variety of industries from which we draw our membership.
During the early days at West Bridgford, Norman Staples who was a lodge member was often quoted as saying that we could "put out the best shop fitting crew in the province". Today, our members come from a wide variety of industries, including teaching, emergency services, security, IT, plumbers, pyrotechnics, carpenters and many more.

Ideal Candidate

To increase numbers of the Lodge membership and ensure retention of members a candidate profile is detailed below:
• Men of all ages and backgrounds who satisfy UGLE membership requirements
• Has a desire to be part of a strong social group.
• Someone who wants to learn about themself and develop into a better human being
• A charitable disposition, who is able to give time not just money
• Be in full/part time employment or retired.
• Has availability on Monday evenings.
• A willingness to learn and perform ritual during our ceremonies.
• We are especially interested in people who wish to get fully involved in the activities of the Lodge and wish to get the maximum benefit from their Freemasonry by actively progressing through the Offices of the Lodge and learning and developing as a person.

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