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Porchester Lodge


Nottingham City Centre

About the Lodge

The Lodge meets on the 4th Monday in September and October and then the 3rd Monday from November through to March. Our meetings are held at Goldsmith Street in Nottingham, the headquarters of Nottinghamshire Freemasonry, and we start at 6.30pm. Following our meeting we adjourn to the bar for a short while to give the chef and staff time to ready themselves to serve our meal, which is fun light-hearted but retains all of the dignity and decorum that one expects from Freemasons.
When formed, Porchester Lodge members were mainly tax, clerical and insurance men but now we have a very eclectic membership consisting of working and retired men from such occupations as farmer, builder, butcher, plumber, business and IT, musical band leader, police and other industries. Currently there are 7 within our membership who are Military Veterans and we have 19 members ranging from 1 month to 50 years of membership within the Lodge, so a wide age demographic with lots of experience.
Porchester Lodge is a modern lodge but also one that strives to retain the high standards, morals and values of Freemasonry and therefore life in general. We also maintain high standards in other areas such as: dress, behaviour, masonic etiquette, learning our lines for the ceremonies, pomp and ceremony within our meetings and after meeting dining. We have traditions within the Lodge that create structure in both the ceremonies and the social events, such as certain Lodge Offices always undertake certain parts of the ceremony so that nobody gets to do their favourite part all of the time, likewise, the lesser liked bits also get passed around!
Our social calendar has shrunk over the last few years due to the countries problems with socialising and it is our intention to revive this area of our lodge life. Our Ladies Festival takes place on the second Saturday of March each year and is one of the highlights of the calendar. We encourage members to bring along guests both Masonic and non Masonic and of course, the most important of all are the ladies.
Participation of lodge duties and ceremony is very much encouraged, so that our members can progress through the Office’s and become the Worshipful Master (Chairman) for the year. They then go on to occupy Office of an administrative nature to do with Lodge management. Progression is encouraged but not compulsory and is not necessarily for everyone although sharing the workload is important. Support and encouragement are key elements of developing participation and we have a weekly “study Group” each Wednesday evening to give those in office the chance to practice and the junior members get the opportunity to step in and begin to get to grips with ceremonial activities and learn their lines and movements.
In all , we are a happy lodge, committed to growth and to helping develop each other and to do our bit towards helping local and Masonic Charities.

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Interested in Joining Us?

Then please get in touch

Lodge History

Porchester Lodge will celebrate its 100th year in 2027 and we are already working towards a holding a number of events to mark this milestone.

Ideal Candidate

As with most Lodges, Porchester Lodge is happy to welcome any qualifying man who is introduced to the Lodge in the traditional way or makes inquiries through the Internet portal. There are though a number of insights that would make both his and our futures together more smooth and with less obstacles and distractions. These points may also be an added attraction to entice a potential new member:
 Porchester Lodge meet at Goldsmith Street in the centre of Nottingham behind the Theatre Royal and opposite the Nottingham University On the 4th Monday in September and October and 3rd Monday in November to March.

 We also meet informally each Wednesday between September and March to learn and practice our ceremonies.

 Easy access to the city centre by public or private transport would make attendance easy. Car park onsite.

 We have a number of Military Veterans in our Lodge and this could be of interest to potential new members.

 We welcome members who are keen to use their personal skills to help others and the lodge to grow and develop within the orbit of Freemasonry.

 Prospective members should have an interest in raising funds for charity both local and national, and not needing thanks and rewards.

 Knowing what Freemasonry is and how it works takes time, it is a slow and steady process and we are always learning Life skills, Masonic skills and Masonic Ritual (ceremony). Keen, willing and determined candidates are what make and motivate our lodge. We will help and guide you. In return, we’d like you to give us the time to do it. Five years is a reasonable length of time to commit initially. After that you’ll be able to make an informed decision to continue or say goodbye. Most of us continue for life.

 In all , we are a happy lodge, committed to growth and to helping develop eachother and to do our bit towards helping local and Masonic Charities.

 If you’d like to know more about us, please get in touch.

We look forward to meeting you.

The Members of Porchester Lodge 4907

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