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North Notts Rotary Lodge



About the Lodge

North Notts Rotary Lodge meets seven times each year at the Masonic Hall at Worksop on the 4th Thursday of October, November, February, March, April, and May. Plus, our Installation meeting is always on the First Thursday of September. We are informed prior to each meeting with a document called a summons about commencement times, and a detailed agenda. With the exception of the Installation, all other meetings normally commence at 6.30 pm.
Sharing a meal together at the end of the meeting, we view as a vital part of a Masonic evening. NNRL is well known for its convivial meetings and we pride ourselves on a warm welcome to our guests. We dedicate planning to ensure all present are sat with other people of like interest, age. Guidelines are in place to ensure that the evening does not run on too long so that we conclude by an acceptable time to travel home.
Our members’ professions past and present are vast and various. They range from Teachers, Bank Managers, Engineers, Painters and Decorators, Funeral Directors, Chemists, Musicians, Barbers, Businessmen, Pharmacists, and several retirees.
Whereas interests are equally diverse. Golf, Rugby, Food and Drink, of course, Rotary, walking, Mountaineering, gardening, Art etc.
Charitable work is a fundamental part of being a freemason. A part of masonry that the lodge thoroughly enjoys. Periodically we collectively support the Masonic Charitable Foundation in London. Contribute heartedly to Raffles and Offertories. Conscientiously donate to only Local Charities in the region of £1000 per year. We are also a keen supporter of Teddies for Loving Care with our Junior brethren being area co-coordinators in raising money for TLC directors and distributing bears to local Hospitals and other centres where young children value the support that the bears provide.

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Interested in Joining Us?

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Lodge History

North Notts Rotary Lodge was consecrated on 30th April 1981. It was formed by the Past District Governors Rotary of this Area and for several years the lodge only admitted past or active Rotarians.
Over time this restriction was untenable, and the admittance of non-Rotarians became an accepted practice. Today we have a small number of Past and current Rotarians but mainly brethren who have never been a member form the bulk of the Lodge.

Ideal Candidate

• Men who have a belief in a Supreme Being.

• Men who do not have criminal record.

• Existing Freemasons who may have a connection with a Rotary Organisation.

• Men of all ages and backgrounds who satisfy our membership requirements.

• men who have a wish or desire to become a better man, but have fun in the process

• Have potential availability on the following Lodge Nights:
The first Thursday in September is our Installation at 5.30pm, and the fourth Thursday in October, November, February, March, April, and May. All at 6.30pm

• A willingness to learn and slowly but surely become involved with parts of the ritual that are comfortable to him and attend rehearsals usually a week before the meeting.

• We are especially interested in people who wish to get involved in the activities of the Lodge

• A desire to promote and support the Lodge’s charitable fundraising and giving.

• Have the backing of his wife or partner.

• Be clear of the financial and time commitments that are expected.

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