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Lodge of Charity


West Bridgford

About the Lodge

Freemasonry is not for everyone, but it’s one of those things that is difficult to find out if it’s right for you; that’s why at The Lodge of Charity we would like you to come along and have a chat to see if it is a right fit, and that’s for both of us.
We have members of all ages, race, religions and backgrounds, with a diverse range of interests and hobbies and by joining The Lodge of Charity our members have made lifelong friendships.
We view ourselves as a traditional lodge, by that I mean that we expect our members to learn what we call our ritual, rather than just read it from a book, so we do expect a certain amount of commitment, but this is what makes it interesting and fun and also rewarding. But with today’s busy lifestyles it is family first and then work commitments and only then freemasonry.
We do have an active social side where we encourage wives, partners, family and friends to attend.
We have six lodge meetings a year. This is on the second Thursday in September, November, January, February and May, and also on the second Friday in December. Meetings usually start at 6pm to accommodate people’s working life. After each meeting we sit down for a meal as Welbeck Hall has its own catering facilities. There is also free parking and we have a bar area.

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Interested in Joining Us?

Then please get in touch

Lodge History

“If the world was so poor that no one could make a gift, or so wealthy that no one needed it - Charity, the charity of Life and Deeds, would remain” - thus it was in 1977 The Lodge of Charity was formed. As our name indicates, we do give to charities, both local and nationally. (Did you know that Freemasonry is one of the largest donators to charities in the UK, donating over £51 million a year). Charity is not just about money, it’s also about time, but the amount given by each person greatly depends on individual circumstances.

Ideal Candidate

Freemasonry is built on Integrity, Friendship, Respect and as we have said, Charity. It’s fun, it’s different, it has over 300 years of history and its members have included the likes of Sir Alf Ramsey, Albert Einstein, Buzz Aldrin and the late Duke of Edinburgh to name just a few. So please press the Contact Us button above to arrange a very informal chat and a coffee, or if you prefer a pint and a chat. What we would say is that you have nothing to lose but plenty to gain.

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