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Gateway Lodge



About the Lodge

We meet 7 times a year on the second Wednesday of October, November, and January, through to May with a rehearsal on the Wednesday of the week prior to our meeting. Whilst there is no meeting in December, we undertake an exchange visit to our Mother Lodge Dukeries Lodge, and they reciprocate in attending our January meeting, these are always enjoyable meetings and keep the bond between the 2 Lodges strong.
Gateway Lodge has a very supportive culture. It's “Membership Team” support new members with guidance and help at both the start & throughout their Masonic journey. This philosophy is echoed both by longstanding and newer members of the Lodge. This ethos is held by all.
During Lodge meetings members are actively encouraged to participate and progress, continuing our strong ethos. We fully appreciate that participation in formal ritual isn’t for everyone so don’t worry. You are welcome to participate as and when you feel ready, remember there is a mentoring team to help you. Some prefer to come to our meetings and be a regular member of the Lodge whilst watching the ceremonies. Although we take our ceremonies seriously and aim to deliver the ritual as intended by our predecessors there is often an element of humour involved.
The Lodge prides itself on being friendly, inclusive and welcoming. It has a healthy membership made up of men from all professions, backgrounds and diverse cultures. As well as the regular Lodge meetings, followed by an evening meal, known as a Festive Board in Masonic circles, the Lodge participates in a range of fund-raising events which are open to partners, family, and non-masonic guests. Indeed, several of the current Gateway members are actively involved in organising functions for the Masonic Hall as a whole. These include the Annual Remembrance Day Service, Christmas Carol Concert - which is broadcast to local hospitals, Children's Christmas Party and Blue Moon Ball to name but a few, these are also open to non-masons.
If you are interested in finding out more about Gateway Lodge, then please don’t hesitate to contact us and we can arrange to meet informally and chat about Gateway Lodge in more detail.
To arrange an informal chat and visit Worksop Masonic Hall please contact:
Gateway Lodge Membership Officer: Stephen Anderson
Telephone: - 07860 397688
Email: -

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Interested in Joining Us?

Then please get in touch

Lodge History

Gateway Lodge is based at the Masonic Hall Worksop, and was consecrated in 1971, enjoying over 50 years of active Masonry which continues to this day. It was originally formed by various members including former Lancaster Bomber Crew members, Headmasters, Members of the retail trade and other businesses. Today there is a wide variety of interests within Gateway Lodge, including Golf, Motor Sports, Classic Car Interests, Walking, Photography to name a few.
During this period many members have been honoured both locally and nationally for their work within Masonry and beyond.

Ideal Candidate

• We welcome men of all ages, backgrounds, ethnicity and religions.
• Men who share the same values as Freemasons, these being Integrity, Friendship, Respect and Charity.
• Have interpersonal skills and enjoy socialising.
• A willingness to learn and participate.
• Be available on a Lodge evening, currently two Wednesdays per month.
• We look for men who want to better themselves as a person and put masonic morals and principles into practice in everyday life.
• The age range for becoming a mason is 18 - 100+. Yes, there are some active Centenarians within Freemasonry!

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