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Edwinstowe Lodge



About the Lodge

The Edwinstowe Lodge 3998 is a very friendly and inclusive group of men of varying professions both working and retired. They meet on the Third Friday of the month between October and April at the Masonic Hall on Nottingham Road in Mansfield. Each meeting is followed by drinks in the bar and a sit down meal.
We have a proud history of over 100 years and a membership of over 30. Our members have a varied set of interests and hobbies ranging from walking through music to SCUBA diving.
We hold social events each year in addition to our normal meetings including a Black Tie evening in November which is still well supported. There is also a summer social and over recent years the Lodge has held a White Table event in December with carols performed by a visiting choir. These events aim to raise additional funds to donate to charity.
We have a wide group of men from different backgrounds and professions with a range of personalities, skills and qualities. We are a progressive Lodge with a history of tradition and are seeking new members. If you are looking to join a forward-thinking group that has a strong background of tradition and ethics, that stives to provide its members with the opportunity to embark on an amazing life-long journey of learning and self-discovery then Edwinstowe Lodge is the group for you.

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Interested in Joining Us?

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Lodge History

The first meeting to discuss the advisability of forming a new Lodge was held at the Bluecoat School, on February 10th 1919.
The Brethren attending were from Castle Lodge No.3219 and the Duchess of Portland Lodge No.3570. I have it on good authority, the Brethren's reason for the meeting was that both the Lodges were (and still are) teetotal and they wanted to be able to have a drink at the Festive Board!

After several meetings, the number of Founders increased to 20. During this time, the name of the Lodge was discussed. The first was Kirkewhite Lodge being discarded in favour of Lord Ampthill (The Pro Grand Master). A letter was written to Lord Ampthill asking for his permission to use his name. A reply was received of which there is no record, but obviously permission was not granted. I have investigated why this would be and find that a Lodge in India under the banner of the UGLE was consecrat-ed as Ampthill Lodge No 3682 in 1914. The Warrant for the new Lodge, to be called the Edwinstowe Lodge, was granted by Grand Lodge on 2nd September 1919.

The Consecration Ceremony took place on the 9th January 1920 at the Masonic Hall Nottingham and was conducted by then DPGM V.W. Bro The Rev. H. T. Hayman, after which W.Bro. Thomas Barlow PM 3219/3570 was installed as the first WM.

Why the name Edwinstowe?

The V.W. Bro. The Rev. H.T. Hayman later the PGM of Notts (having been DPGM for 30 years!) was the vicar of Edwinstowe from 1884 to 1907 The design of the Banner is taken from the crest of the late Dr. E. Cobham Brewer who was the father-in-law of V.W. Bro The Rev. H. T. Hayman who gave permission for the arms to be used. Dr. Brewer died at the age of 87 and was buried in the churchyard at Edwinstowe.

Hence the Edwinstowe Lodge will always retain a permanent association with one of the most respected and revered PGM's of this Province.

Details of the crest of the family Brewer of Bruer of Kent will be of interest. Out of a mu-ral coronet, an arm from the elbow erect, holding in the hand proper a battle axe. On the shield a motto "Spes mihi surgere" meaning "Hope riseth within me".

The Past Masters and Founders Jewels are replicas of the Lodge banner in enamel and gilt.

Since the Lodge was formed there have been 271 Initiates and joining members to date and by reason of deaths, resignations and lapse the membership now stands at 40.

In 1924, the Lodge became a Hall Stone Lodge in connection with the Masonic Million Memorial Fund and shares with the Hayman Lodge 3414 the distinction of being the on-ly two Hall Stone Lodges in the Province of Nottinghamshire.
The Hall Stone Jewel and collarette is worn by the Master in perpetuity being awarded by the Grand Lodge to those Lodges who subscribed an average of ten guineas per lodge member to the fund raised for financing the project of building the new Freemasons Hall in Great Queens Street, London.

During World War II there was no cancellation of ceremonies of the Lodge despite the Ma-sonic Hall in Nottingham being bombed with considerable damage done.

In 1987 the Lodge moved from Goldsmith Street in Nottingham to Mansfield where it continues to hold its Ceremonies to this day.

Ideal Candidate

To increase membership of the Lodge and to ensure retention of members our candidate profile is detailed below:
• Men of all ages and backgrounds
• Interests in fishing, scuba diving, music, walking, gardening, cycling and many more.
• Has good interpersonal skills and enjoys being part of a larger group.
• Being in employment or retired.
• Have the ability to attend the meetings of the Lodge (currently all on Fridays)
• Is willing to learn and to engage in Lodge activities.
• Is keen to follow tradition.

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