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Edwalton Lodge


West Bridgford

About the Lodge

The Lodge meets at Welbeck Hall, Welbeck Road, West Bridgford 5 times a year on the
fourth Mondays in January, February, April, October and November. Meetings usually start
at 5pm but can sometimes be later, members are welcomed to turn up late if work
commitments get in the way as we would rather see someone late than not at all!
We also meet on the Monday night immediately prior to the next weeks full masonic meeting for rehearsal and socialising. After the masonic meeting, dinner is served for all those attending, this is a great opportunity to mix less formally with members of the Lodge and also with visiting members from Lodges across the county and other regions.The Lodge is very focused on charity and was the first lodge in the country to run a special needs fair for children with special needs, where our links with the Showmans Lodge mean that the rides are slowed down and the fair is only available to our specially invited guests.
We continue to run the fair to this day and the idea has spread throughout masonic
organisations with other fairs being run by Masonic Lodges and Provinces. We also support other local charities such as the Lincs & Notts Air Ambulance & other charities our members
wish to support!
The Lodge is a happy Lodge with an emphasis on camaraderie and enjoyment as much as
Masonic ritual. We have an organist at every meeting to enhance the meeting with music
and singing.

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Interested in Joining Us?

Then please get in touch

Lodge History

Edwalton Lodge No. 8214 was formed in May 1968 by St Giles Lodge, who were named after
the St Giles church in West Bridgford where a number of the brethren worshipped. St Giles
formed Edwalton Lodge also named after the church in Edwalton. Both Lodges still have
strong links to each other and visit each other every year and other events such as a
Christmas Carol service, a Summer BBQ and also a regular Lodge of Instruction for brethren
who want to learn more about Freemasonry.

Ideal Candidate

Our Lodge is in good health but would welcome any prospective member, regardless of
their background who wants to better themselves and the society in which they live through
charity and contribution to the local community and above all enjoy the society of like
minded people. Any member who joins will be supported by the Lodge mentor and the lodge
generally.We currently have 30 members and are a medium sized lodge which presents opportunities
for those who wish to wish to take an active part in proceedings or who just to enjoy their
masonry and not take up any roles with enjoyment from simply being a member of this
ancient craft. Membership is derived variety of backgrounds, mix of occupations, religions
and ethnic origins. We have a number of older retired brethren right through to younger
brethren who work in IT and also the Police. We usually get between 20 to 30 people at
meetings including visitors.We communicate on a Whatsapp Group and an Almoner who is there to support brethren where needed backed by our Care Committee.

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