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Dukeries Lodge



About the Lodge

Dukeries Lodge No. 6289 is a well-attended and friendly Lodge. We meet on the 1st Thursday of each month between Sept and December then February to May. Meetings commence at 6:15pm and is always followed by a sit-down meal.
Our membership are men who share our Masonic values and come from all walks of life. We have a wide age range including members in their twenties through to their eighties.

Ceremonies are conducted in the usual Masonic fashion and we encourage the participation of all Members to help in their development of being a Mason. As a Lodge we are looking to assist the Brethren in their progress through their Masonic life as much as possible.
We understand that taking a front seat is not for all and some members just enjoy being part of the Lodge and look forward to the camaraderie and fraternal friendships that a Lodge offers.

Traditionally the December meeting is referred to as our Olde English Night and is treated a festive meeting with the inclusion of Carol singing and often a brass band to add festive cheer.

We take part in the social calendar at Worksop Masonic Hall where there is a wide range of Dinner Dances, Quiz nights, Race nights, Childrens parties, Remembrance Day and Christmas Events. We have our own white table night held for our ladies and families which is once a year to say thank you for their assistance.

We welcome new members and provide support and integration to those who choose to join us.

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Interested in Joining Us?

Then please get in touch

Lodge History

Dukeries Lodge was formed in 1946 as the daughter lodge of Pelham Lodge No. 939. We have been an active Lodge ever since and we are looking forward to celebrating our 80th birthday soon.

When we were formed, the membership consisted mainly of Business people in the town of Worksop and this membership has more or less remained the same since. There are no specific common interests in the Lodge save that the Members all enjoy the meetings and the sit down meal afterwards.

Ideal Candidate

We welcome enquiries from men who look to develop themselves using the Masonic principles of Fraternity, Charity and Truth.

Men from all backgrounds and ethnicity of all ages and backgrounds who meet the membership requirements.
Have interpersonal skills and enjoy socialising
Are available the first Monday and Thursday Nights from Oct – Dec , Feb -May
Be in full/part time employment or retired
Want to be a better man and want to be involved in Lodge activities
Are prepared and willing to learn.

If you would like to dedicate some of your time to helping your fellow man whilst being part of a friendly and supportive group then we would like to hear from you.

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