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Duchess of Portland Lodge


West Bridgford

About the Lodge

Since 1911 the Brethren of Duchess of Portland Lodge have worked to support members and their families, as well as providing assistance to the local communities of West Bridgford and Nottinghamshire through charitable work and donations.

The Duchess of Portland Lodge is a Temperance Lodge, meaning that alcohol is not consumed during the festive board meal that follows a typical lodge meeting. This doesn't detract in anyway from the members' enjoyment however, and both the Lodge meetings and the festive boards are friendly and enjoyable.

A smaller Lodge with a big heart, the members of the Duchess of Portland Lodge pride themselves on the quality of their Masonic ritual and are always hugely welcoming to any visitors.

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Interested in Joining Us?

Then please get in touch

Lodge History

The Duchess of Portland Lodge received its warrant or charter from the United Grand Lodge of England on 12th December 1911, and was subsequently formally consecrated on 29th February 1912.

The lodge came into being when members of Castle Lodge 3219, desirous of forming a new lodge, petitioned for the charter to form a new lodge. The lodge was to be named The Duchess of Portland Lodge and was granted the number 3570 and formed part of the Masonic Province of Nottinghamshire.

Ideal Candidate

The Duchess of Portland would welcome any man who is keen to do good in their community and who wishes to enjoy the company of friends.

The Lodge particular welcomes applications from men who live in or around West Bridgford and who are interested in the ritual and symbolic side of Freemasonry.

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