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Daybrook Lodge


Nottingham City Centre

About the Lodge

Daybrook Lodge is a progressive, forward-looking lodge with a mission to make Freemasonry relevant to 21st Century men and we are looking for new members. Daybrook Lodge strives to provide its members with a life-long journey of personal growth, friendship, learning and self-discovery.

We meet on the first Tuesday of the month between October and April at 6pm. We have a diverse membership made up of men of all ages, ethnicities and religions with common values and a shared commitment to our respective communities. We pride ourselves on our high standard of ritual, friendship, and charitable works.

Daybrook Lodge is a proud member of the UGLE Universities Scheme and seeks to cater for Nottingham Trent University student and staff but is open to anyone with an interest in Freemasonry. We are especially looking to welcome new members who are settled in the Nottingham area and would enjoy mentoring and speaking to University students during their time here.

All meetings are followed by a meal, which is usually around £20 excluding drinks. There are annual costs to joining our Lodge which we are happy to discuss on enquiry.

To apply or to find out more about Daybrook Lodge, please contact our Lodge Secretary Andrew Davidson-Hogg via email ( or visit our website (

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Interested in Joining Us?

Then please get in touch

Lodge History

Daybrook Lodge No. 5522 was consecrated on 5th February 1935 for the people of Daybrook, Nottingham as a daughter to Galway Lodge No. 5408. The lodge continued to meet through the Second World War thanks to non-conscripted schoolteachers and local people that lived in the area. In 1978, the Lodge moved from Daybrook to the current location of the Masonic Hall, Goldsmith Street, Nottingham and in 1985, the lodge celebrated its 50th Anniversary meeting.

Ideal Candidate

Daybrook Lodge does not have a single interest which would make someone particularly suitable or unsuitable, but we would like to attract the following types of candidates/members in particular:

1. Current staff and students at Nottingham Trent University. As the Universities Scheme lodge for NTU, we believe that Daybrook is best placed to cater for the needs of students, work with them as they get started in Freemasonry and ensure that they are welcomed into the wider fraternity after they graduate. From the perspective of the lodge, we would strongly like to grow our presence at the University - increasing the number of student members would allow us to form a student society, further helping our recruitment efforts and enhancing what we already offer.

2. Working-aged men in the Nottingham area. The age demographics of the lodge are largely skewed to older (retired) and younger (student) members. With the expectation that students will not stay in Nottingham after graduating, the lodge still needs non-student candidates to secure its future. Men between 18-45 will complement the student demographic that Daybrook naturally recruit through the University Scheme but also provide stability and consistency for the lodge over the medium- and long-term.

3. Experienced Masons willing to Take Non-Progressive Offices. The lodge demographics mean that we currently have some senior brethren taking multiple different non-progressive offices and newer brethren who aren’t yet quite experienced enough to take on some roles. If there are any experienced masons looking to get involved in an active capacity within the lodge, the opportunities for floor work, mentoring and other supporting roles are second-to-none.

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