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Corinthian Lodge



About the Lodge

The Corinthian Lodge is one of the largest in the Province of Nottinghamshire. We are a very happy lodge with an age profile ranging from 25 to 96 coming from a wide variety of backgrounds and occupations. Some of our members are very keen and good Ritualist’s whist others like to sit back and watch.
Therefore, we welcome both new initiates and joining members whatever their abilities. We wish to ensure that all members enjoy themselves and have the opportunity to socialise and build firm, long lasting friendships.
Meetings are held at the Masonic Hall in Newark seven times per year. Six of them are our Regular Meetings and these are held on the 2nd Thursday of the months of October, November, December, January, February and March. The Seventh, our Installation Meeting, is held on the 3rd. Thursday in May. Meetings start at 6.30 pm with the exception of the May meeting which starts at 5.30pm. After the meeting we have an enjoyable 3-course meal at very reasonable prices. Additionally, we hold several social events, as well as holding a “White Table” during our December meeting when our wives, partners and friends are invited to attend our meal after our meeting.

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Interested in Joining Us?

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Lodge History

Masonry was introduced to Newark in 1790 by the formation of the Corinthian Lodge No. 561
The Consecration took place on June 5th 1790 at the Wing Tavern
Having started their life at the Wing Tavern they remained there for the first year at the end of which they removed to the Rutland Arms whilst in 1794 they again moved, this time to the Ram Inn, Castle Gate.
History of the Original Corinthian Lodge No 561 has been digitised charting the history of the Corinthian Lodge No 56, which existed from 1790 to approximately 1834.
The book was written by WBro H.W. Mace (P.M. 1661, 3595 P.A.G.D.C. P.Z. 1661 P.G.StdB) and has resided only in our museum until now.

Ideal Candidate

The introduction of the Pathway scheme within the lodge is most welcome as it provides guidance and encouraged to all Lodge members, setting new and joining members on a path to enjoy life long masonry. The Corinthian Lodge is a very friendly lodge and all members and visitors will always be made most welcome

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