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Commercial Lodge


Nottingham City Centre

About the Lodge

Commercial Lodge 411 is a friendly and inviting fraternity which meets at the Masonic Hall, Nottingham on the 2nd Monday of September, October, November, February and March at 6pm.

As a small Lodge, with a current membership of 23, we can offer a new member the opportunity to progress relatively quickly within the lodge ranks (should he so wish to do so), with a culture of support and encouragement to aid the new member’s Masonic journey.

The Lodge has a wide age demographic with members from all walks of life, professions, and interests. Members’ interests cover Music (with one jazz saxophonist, one Rock guitarist and one choirmaster), Sport (both active and as spectators), Motorcycling (two members), Real Ale (CAMRA Members) and a passing interest in Single Malt Whisky (Shared by most of the Lodge).
This diversity provides an interesting conversational backdrop outside the realms of the Lodge business.

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Interested in Joining Us?

Then please get in touch

Lodge History

Commercial Lodge 411 was founded in 1832, initially intended as a ‘Traders Lodge’ with many of Nottingham’s well known traders as members, but in due course it was adopted by Irish Guards based in Nottingham who influenced the ritual. Many of these influences can be seen in the ritual we perform to this day. The collars worn by Lodge Officers are of the Irish Constitution rather than the English Constitution that one might expect.

Ideal Candidate

The qualities we would like to see in our Candidates are as follows:

• An outgoing and sociable nature
• Being reliable
• Being available on listed Lodge/rehearsal nights (emergencies excepted)
• Having a genuine interest in Freemasonry
• Being self-motivated to progress within the Craft
• Being prepared to be active on the floor from the early stages of his Masonic journey

The Lodge is in a position to welcome new members who share the Masonic values described at and have a genuine desire to enter into a community where friendship, support and enjoyment feature heavily on the Lodge mission statement.

Should the above interest you as a prospective member, please contact the Provincial Grand Lodge of Nottinghamshire on 0115 8404460 and mention Commercial Lodge No. 411.

Alternatively feel free to contact Mick Beazley on 07872 937580.

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