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Clumber Lodge



About the Lodge

After fifty years, the Lodge is still healthy with an active, enthusiastic and caring membership. Our ceremonies are sincere and dignified without being regimental, typifying all the good aspects of Freemasonry.

Diversity in membership is important to Clumber Lodge, it really benefits from having a group of people with a wide range of different personalities, skills, and qualities.
Today, we have over twenty active members, aged from their early twenties to their late eighties and strives to provide its members with the opportunity to embark on an amazing life-long journey of learning and self-discovery. The average age of our membership is 52 years.
We ensure that all our new members are made to feel welcome, have all their questions answered and to help sow the seed for each new member to have a long, happy and enjoyable association with Freemasonry.

The first meeting of the year is held on the fourth Friday of February at 5.00pm at the Mansfield Masonic Hall. The five subsequent regular meetings are held on the fourth Friday of March, April, September, October and November each year at 6.00pm (for memory, the first letter of each month spells F MASON). Each meeting is followed by a meal. This is a great opportunity to mix less formally with members of the Lodge and also with visiting members from Lodges across the county and other regions.

We have a rehearsal on the Tuesday before the meeting and a practice on the Tuesday previous to that, both at 7pm.

The social side of Clumber Lodge is undoubtedly enjoyed by all, including our families. As a member of our Lodge, you can enjoy a sense of trust and the benefits of a special network of friends. We have a varied diary of social events that can change each year with anything from a quiz night, BBQs,charity golf weekends, summer drink nights to formal ‘black tie’ evening. There are also several members who enjoy different past times like golf, fishing, local radio, caravanning, music and power lifting gym attendance.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of Freemasonry is visiting other Lodges and getting involved in their traditions and hospitality. This widens your social network and new friends are easily made. Clumber Lodge actively encourage members to visit other Lodges and invites members of other Lodges to visit Clumber.
The Lodge has strong connections with the Byron Club, which is a social group for new and young Masons, and helps members develop a wider circle of Masonic friends.

The opportunity to give time and / or money to a wide range of charitable organisations is a strong reason for many becoming a Freemason.

Further information:

You can send an email to express your interest in joining Clumber Lodge by emailing the Lodge Secretary

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Interested in Joining Us?

Then please get in touch

Lodge History

Clumber Lodge has been in existence for over 50 years, having been formed in 1968.
It was sponsored by Rufford Lodge No. 2553 which unfortunately was erased in 2005 due to decreased membership, who had been sponsored by Annesley Lodge No.1435 in 1895, who in turn had been sponsored by Newstead Lodge No. 47 in 1873.

The Lodge was given approval to use the Duke of Newcastle’s Coat of Arms as the Lodge banner. The Duke was a former Lord Lieutenant of Nottingham and owner of Clumber Park.

The Lodge Banner does not fully represent the Coat of Arms of Clumber and of the Duke of Newcastle, only one half of it. Specifically, it is the Coat of Arms of the house of Clinton from 1298 who then became the Earls of Lincoln in 1572 on the 8th creation of the Lincoln title, which had been in existence since 1141.

Ideal Candidate

To increase numbers of the Lodge membership and ensure retention of members a candidate profile is detailed below:

• A belief in a Supreme Being
• Men of all ages and backgrounds, to create a lively & diverse membership group.
• Has interpersonal skills and enjoy socialising.
• Have availability and being able to commit to the Tuesday & Friday evenings.
• Have a willingness to learn
• Have a willingness to get involved in the activities of the Lodge with the support of their families

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