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Castle Lodge


West Bridgford

About the Lodge

We are a diverse group of freemasons who meet in West Bridgeford, Nottingham. Our lodge is blessed to have people from very diverse backgrounds, cultural and country origins, which creates a very rich and fulfilling experience for all. We welcome Masonic guests and prospective new members to find out more about our Lodge. We provide ourselves in being a friendly and welcoming Lodge.

We meet six times per year, normally at 6pm, on the first Wednesday in Nov and February to May. Our installation meeting is held on the last Thursday in September, when a new President, known in Freemasonry as the Worshipful Master is appointed.
Our Lodge meetings are held at the West Bridgford Masonic Hall which is centrally located near to Trent Bridge and has excellent public transport links and on-site parking.
We also like to visit other Lodges and we have recently established contact with a Lodge in Nice in France.

As freemasons we are proud of the support we give to Charity. Castle Lodge supports many local Charities and in recent years has donated to causes such as Parkinson’s Café; food bank; Nottingham hospital charity etc

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Interested in Joining Us?

Then please get in touch

Lodge History

The Lodge was founded in 1907 and was the 35th Lodge to be constituted in the county. The driving force behind our Lodge all seem to have connections to either Methodism or the Salvation Army.
We retain a link to our history by still not drinking alcohol at the dinners we have after each meeting.

Ideal Candidate

1. Welcoming of people from any background and walk of life
2. Looking to support local charities.
3. Are available to attend meetings at 6pm on 1st Wednesday of the month in Nov, Feb – May and 5.30 pm on last Thu in September
4. Willing to travel to West Bridgford
5. Looking to widen your social circle.
6. Interested in Masonic ritual
7. Many of the Lodge members share a passion for Masonic history and the meaning of our ritual if you do this could be the Lodge for you.
8. Looking for a happy, enriching and supportive experience
9. Enjoys socializing and wants to actively contribute to the Lodge

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