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Ashfield Lodge



About the Lodge

Our meetings are held at the Mansfield Masonic Hall on the third Wednesday in January, February, March, April, October, November and December at 6pm except the October Meeting which is at 5pm.
During each meeting, ritual is performed with all members being given the opportunity of participating in the Ceremony which takes the form of a story telling. Members are encouraged to learn their part to the best of their ability. To this end, a rehearsal is held on the Wednesday preceding the meeting. No criticism is made for any shortcomings with effort being rewarded. Each meeting is followed by a sit-down meal enabling everyone to join in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere during which they become better acquainted with each other, sharing experiences and quaffing the odd libation.

Visiting other Lodges is encouraged and to this event, an annual meeting is held under the Tri-Lodge programme. This meeting is hosted by one of the three Lodges that original from Sutton-in-Ashfield.

We currently have just over 30 members drawn from all walks of life and professions including Carpenters, Engineers, Police Officers, Teachers, Local Government Officers, Auctioneers and a variety of business men. Currently we have a member who represents England in clay pigeon shooting competitions.
Although the members ages range from their 20’s to 90’s, many are retired

We have a number of annual social events where wives, partners, friends and family are invited such as a black-tie evening, summer BBQ, river boat trips, Sunday lunches and other events.

Ashfield Lodge has always prided itself in the generosity of it’s members, raising considerable sums of money for both national and local charities through raffles and fund raising events.

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Interested in Joining Us?

Then please get in touch

Lodge History

The original proposal to establish a Freemasons Lodge in Sutton-in-Ashfield was discussed at a meeting at the Denman’s Head Hotel on 25th May 1891, following which a petition, supported by Forest Lodge 1852 was submitted to the Grand Lodge. Subsequently, Ashfield Lodge 2412 was consecrated at the Town Hall in Sutton-in-Ashfield on 21st October 1891 by the Provincial Grand Master, V.W. The Rev. F. Vernon Russell accompanied by a number of Provincial Officers and other Brethren totalling 82 attendees. This was followed by an Eight course banquet at a cost of 7/6d (a substantial sum back then).
The Lodge continued to meet at the Town Hall until 1905 when it relocated to the Portland Rooms until 1918 when it moved to Bainbridge Hall followed by Titchfield Hall until 1937. The Lodge then moved back to the Denman’s Head where it was originally on the upper floor. It remained there until it moved to its current location, the Mansfield Masonic Hall.
The Lodge continued to meet during both World Wars and the Minutes record that a number of Brethren paid the ultimate sacrifice whilst on active service.
Ashfield Lodge continued to flourish and in 1931 it sponsored two new Lodges, Kirkeby Lodge 5288 and de Sutton Lodge 7076 which in turn sponsored Elliott Lodge 8569 in 1974

Ideal Candidate

Law abiding men of good character, strict morals and a belief in a Supreme Being.
Availability to commit to the Wednesday rehearsal evenings as well as the Wednesday evenings for the regular meetings.
A willingness to learn and get involved in the activities of the Lodge

If you are interested in joining Ashfield Lodge, contact can be made through the email address below

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