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Widows Sons deliver Easter Eggs to the children of Fountaindale School by motorcycle

Widows Sons Easter Egg Run


Following on from last year’s successful Easter Egg run to Fountaindale School near Mansfield ,the Nottinghamshire Chapter of the Widows Sons Masonic Bikers Association again delivered over 100 Easter eggs for the pupils of the school.

Fountaindale is a school for children and young people who are 3 to 18 years old who have profound and multiple learning needs, complex physical and medical needs and sensory needs.

The Notts Chapter along with some members from the Leicestershire & Rutland Chapter rode from Goldsmith Street to the school to deliver the eggs.

They received a warm welcome from the staff, pupils and parents.

There were plenty of opportunities for the kids to sit on the bikes and rev them up to the red line. Some were only capable of pressing the horn button, but that was enough to bring a massive smile to their faces.

Richard Wheelhouse, the Chapter President said ‘We love coming to this school and seeing the joy that our bikes bring to kids. The support from the staff and parents is amazing and we will be back next year’.

Thanks go to John Pawlik for arranging the visit with the school and to the Chapter members for their continued support for local charities.

John Pawlik chairman of the Provincial Charity Committee, who also Chairs Mansfield Charity stewards, said

“On a local level Mansfield Charity Stewards have recently held a Swimathon on behalf of Fountaindale School organised by WBro Ken Purslow, and once the donations have been counted, Fountaindale will be receiving a substantial cheque.

The school does so much good for children with additional needs it deserves all the support we can give.

I’m very proud of what the Widow’s Sons did this year despite the horrible road conditions.

"A smile from a child with profound difficulties makes every effort worth while”

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