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New Rugby interest Lodge

A new ‘rugby interest’ lodge, Nomads Rugby Lodge No. 10015, is to be consecrated this coming July.

The lodge will include members from Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Staffordshire and Lincolnshire and will meet four times a year on Saturdays. Lodge meetings will generally be followed by a visit to a local rugby club to watch a game. Philip Marshall, Nottinghamshire’s RW PGM commented:

“I consider it will be a singular honour to be invested as the lodge’s first Junior Warden. Certainly, from the high enthusiasm I have seen from the 41 founders plus prospective members, the spirit of togetherness which at the time was so evident in Three Counties rugby, will be very much alive and well in the culture of the Nomads Rugby Lodge.”

If you are interested in becoming a joining member or have any questions about the new lodge, please contact Trevor Harris – Lodge Membership Officer-elect

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