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Mansfield Mason awarded H.M The Queens Platinum Jubilee medal

Mansfield Freemason John Kenneth Roughton has been honoured by receiving the Queens Platinum Jubilee medal for his many years of service working as a Community First Responder as part of the East Midlands Ambulance Service

The award came as a total surprise and John was quick to acknowledge the hard work of his colleagues

Worshipful Brother John is a member of Saint Peter's Craft Lodge among others and was instrumental in securing masonic funding to enable the purchase of a defibrillator machine which has been used many times to save lives

John recently gave a demonstration of emergency first aid skills along with his colleague Tammie Barton-Hanson (CFR Area Coordinator) at a recent meeting of Mansfield Lodge of Instruction who had allocated additional funding so that this vital work could continue within the Community

(Many thanks to the guinea pig patient who made a full recovery :-) )

Congratulations to John and all his hard working colleagues

Has anyone else out there been awarded a jubilee medal ?- please get in touch

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