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Inspire & Achieve Foundation-Mansfield

Chairman of the Provincial Charity Committee John Pawlik and Chairman of the case and finance committee Kevin Hyland visited the Inspire and Achieve Foundation at its headquarters in Mansfield.

The visit was to get an understanding of its purpose which is to help disadvantaged 16-26 year olds who are not in education, employment or training (NEET).

This helps these young adults overcome barriers, find their motivation and progress into employment or education.

Pippa Carter and Keith Rogers gave a very interesting, informative and passionate description of how they achieve their holistic approach.

The Charity operates in Nottinghamshire and focuses on only the hard to reach people, who after issues in their lives have lost self confidence or hope.

The Provincial Charity Committee are currently looking for additional ways to assist this worthy cause.

The Charity are also currently looking for additional trustees.

Pictured are Pippa Carter, Keith Rogers and John Pawlik

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