St Mary’s Lodge No. 2302

Coming from all parts of Nottinghamshire - and far beyond - ranging in age from the mid-twenties to eighty plus, the membership of St Mary’s Lodge is nothing if not diverse.

Equally varied are the occupations and interests of our members, making for stimulating and engaging Lodge meetings and social gatherings.

At our social events, the brethren are regularly joined by their wives and partners, strengthening the close bond between our members, which remains one of the most important characteristics of our long-established Lodge.

Consecrated in 1890, St Mary’s has certainly seen many changes over the years and although it has been obliged to adapt and evolve with the passage of time, our traditions endure and we remain proud of the customs and ritual of this fine Lodge, which continues to uphold and maintain the core values of Freemasonry.

The Lodge meets at the Masonic Hall, Goldsmith Street, Nottingham, seven times a year on the third Wednesday of the month from September to March.
In addition, between these regular meetings, on Wednesday evenings, a lodge of instruction is held and all of our members are encouraged to attend, in order to make an advancement in their masonic knowledge and build on the friendships we have made.

Dependant on the individual, some of our members choose to progress through the various Offices in the Lodge and ultimately attain the position of the Worshipful Master, others, however, do not and prefer to attend our meetings simply to enjoy the social gathering and the company of others.

Regardless of their role in the Lodge, our fundamental aim is that every one of our members, together with those who choose to visit from other Lodge’s, look forward to attending our meetings and return home happy and content, having enjoyed their evening at St Mary’s Lodge.