Beeston Lodge No 6103

Beeston6103 BannerThe Beeston Lodge was formed in 1945 when its Mother Lodge, The Old Priory Lodge, became too large to accommodate all its members. The Lodges met at the Beeston Church Sunday School which both Loges deemed unsuitable for their growing memberships. The Lodges, therefore, formed a Joint Building Fund committee and in 1964 moved into their own purpose-built facility with Masonic Temple, bar and dining facilities. Beeston Lodge has since celebrated its 500th anniversary meeting and is still going strong today.

Our Lodge Banner depicts a beehive which is an allusion to the origins of the name of the town of Beeston (Town of Bees); the beehive is also symbolic within Masonry representing the virtue of hard work and industry. Our motto is Pax Caritas Concordia ( Peace, Love and Harmony ) which is the way we hope to conduct both our meetings and our lives.

Beeston Lodge meet on the first Wednesday of the month from October through to April, at the Masonic Hall Chilwell, usually beginning at 6:00 pm. Our meetings are followed by a three-course dinner, cheese & biscuits and coffee. Being housed at one of the smaller halls, our costs are kept to the minimum and our meals are exceptional value.

We have a very diverse mix of members of different ages, nationalities, and occupations. Our membership also includes brothers just starting out on their masonic journeys through to those who have been in the Lodge for decades. We pride ourselves on our very active social committee who aim to organise at least one fun event per month throughout the year which are always open to family members and friends.

If you are interested in joining Freemasonry, please visit our Enquiry Page