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Ukrainian Fundraising Evening

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

A superb evening was had by all at the Ukrainian Fundraising Evening held at Goldsmith Street, organised by Okasana Toolan.

The evening was supported by Oksana’s family, Freemasons and members of the St. Andrews with Castle Gate Church.

Oksana explained that the purpose of the fundraising was to procure military grade First Aid Kits for front line troops defending Ukraine.

The evening started with two thought proving short films, then delightful Ukrainian inspired dishes were served.

During the meal, Okasana’s niece sang some beautiful folk songs.

After the meal we were entertained by the Church’s Guitar and Ukulele ensemble, which included a sing-a-along, and the evening concluded with a virtuoso performance by Evie Armitage who sang 4 songs accompanied by the piano.

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