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The Thrilling Adventures of Red Ted

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

Red Ted scales the heights in Luxembourg

On 28 July, Red Ted took advantage of a business trip by his ‘minder’ Graham Riche, Chairman of TLC Nottinghamshire, to visit Luxembourg and tour the city. The day started with an inspection of the aircraft flight deck and a discussion on technical matters with BA pilot Richard Thrower, prior to take-off from Heathrow.

On arrival, Graham went off to talk all day (he calls it consulting!) and Red Ted set about exploring the city's historic Old Quarter. This entailed a steep climb to reach the highest point on the old city walls to take in the fantastic view below.

Then a descent to Scotts Bar by the Alzette River to cool off after these exertions with a cool drink whilst listening to the strains of ‘Dream, Dream, Dream’ by the Everly Brothers drifting from the jukebox in the bar.

After a freshen-up in the delightful Hotel La Pipistrelle, partially carved into the rock face, it was off to an Italian restaurant for fine wine, superb steak, and, of course, good company.

Finally, after a memorable day, back to the hotel full of bonhomie ready for bed! Dream, Dream, Dream ……

Join us later for more adventures of these special Red Teddies with their heart shaped noses as part of the MCF/TLC celebration of 21 years of Teddies for Loving Care

Teddies for Loving Care is funded by donations, if you would like to support this wonderful charity that helps children in hospitals you can send a donation to: TLC Nottingham, Sort Code 60 80 09, Act No 61138541.

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