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Mansfield Lodge of Instruction confirms Honorary Preceptor

W Bro James W Adams was confirmed as an Honorary Preceptor this week after Covid delayed the formal recognition

W Bro Adams served as the Preceptor of Mansfield Lodge of Instruction for 23 years until Covid and family illness meant he had to hand over the reins to one of his protege W Bro Les Boyington, professionally assisted by some experienced Assistant Preceptors leaving the Lodge of Instruction in safe hands

W Bro Adams spoke about his pride that the Mansfield Lodge of Instruction had nurtured many fine Masons including the current Provincial Grand Master Philip G Marshall

W Bro Adams is pictured receiving this honour by the current preceptor W Bro L.N Boyington who was determined to share the special evening with W Bro Adams despite himself being in hospital that day

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Congratulations Jimmy, very well deserved. Bernard

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