Rose Croix

rose croix logoThe Nottinghamshire District of 'the Ancient & Accepted Rite for England and Wales and its Districts and Chapters Overseas', which is almost universally referred to as "The Rose Croix", has the same boundaries as the Craft Province.

It is claimed the Rite was founded under the titular direction of Frederick 11 (The Great) who ruled Prussia 1740-1786 and it is governed by the Supreme Council 33° based in Duke Street, St. James', London, which was formed by a Patent issued in October 1845 by the Supreme Council for the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction of the United States of America.

It is one of a group of Masonic Orders, commonly referred to as the "Christian Orders", which restrict their membership to Brethren avowing the Christian Faith but in the case of this Rite, it goes further and demands that Brethren profess the Trinitarian Christian Faith. It is a Rite that should not be entered without careful thought but once a member; most say it is one of the friendliest Orders in Masonry and the one they would be most reluctant to leave.

The Rite comprises 33 degrees with the first 3 degrees of the Rite being equal to the first 3 of Craft Masonry. On becoming a member of the Rite the 4° to 17° are conferred by name and then the 18° in full, this being the only degree worked in full by Chapters. The degrees beyond the 18° are reserved for those who have served the order with distinction and they are normally conferred by the Supreme Council at a ceremony in London.

The 18° seeks the Perfection of Christian virtues in Faith, Hope and Charity and is an immensely thought provoking, impressive and beautiful ceremony instilling that warmth of Brotherly Love on which the whole Masonic movement is founded.

rose croix collarThe regalia is both simple and spectacular but expensive, therefore, in Nottinghamshire the Brethren of the Rite support a scheme whereby candidates for the order make a one-off payment of £55 to secure regalia for their entire Rose Croix career; 18° to 32° if necessary.

The qualifications for joining are that you:

  • Are initiated in a Lodge under the United Grand Lodge of England unless otherwise authorised in the Rules of the Supreme Council
  • Have been a Master Mason for at least a year and are in good standing
  • Profess the Trinitarian Christian Faith

Richard N Howarth 33°
Inspector General
Nottinghamshire District