Welbeck Chapter Sojourner Visit

welbeck chapter
On Wednesday the 11th October 2017, E. Companion Chris Yates visited the Welbeck Chapter to present a Powerpoint explanation of the symbolism in the design of the Holy Royal Arch Jewel.

The presentation was very well received by the 17 members and 4 visitors present, with a variety of searching questions asked and answered. Also visiting was E. Companion Tony Harvey (Prestonian Lecturer 2012) who had some very interesting and complimentary comments; being a member of the Thomas Harper society his knowledge of the jewel was quite extensive and interesting.

Following the Jewel presentation, the Symbolical lecture was presented in a very competent manner by the three Principals, E. Companions Finden, Johnson and Sharp.

The Festive Board which followed was also very lively with some very interesting discussions on the subject of the Jewel and, as always, the meal was excellent.