The Nottinghamshire Sojourners

"Anxious to sojourn amongst you and enhance your knowledge and understanding of the Holy Royal Arch"

If your Chapter is looking to increase interest in the Royal Arch, broaden understanding and encourage new Exaltees - the Nottinghamshire Sojourners can assist.

The Nottinghamshire Sojourners were established in 2002 and have proved an invaluable tool in the educational needs of the Province. The founder members and originators of the scheme were the late E.Comps Mike Bush and John Hall, assisted by E.Comps David Clarke and David Ross. In 2013 Chris Yates of United Service Chapter was appointed co-ordinator of the Sojourners by the Grand Superintendent. Referring to the late John Hall and originators of the Sojourners as the 'Grand Originals', Chris said, "I am determined to build upon the excellent foundations laid by John and his team and have been pleased to welcome a number of new, knowledgeable and enthusiastic Companions to our ranks. Our objective now is to move forward, raising the profile of our work in the Province and continuing to spread Knowledge and understanding of The Holy Royal Arch."

Since its conception a considerable library of over 60 lectures and demonstrations have been amassed and some two thirds of the Chapters in the Province have received a visit from the Sojourners and been entertained with a presentation of some aspect of the history, ritual and symbolism of our ceremonies.

Originally these presentations were traditional lectures but they now include interactive demonstrations, where officers and members of the chapter are encouraged to 'get involved'. Examples of this occurred at Galway and Spalding Chapters, when the Ceremony of Exaltation was undertaken in interactive form with the Principals, Sojourners, Scribes and Candidate, enacting their roles and guided through the ceremony to certain points when a question and answer session took place explaining the reason, significance and symbolism of that particular part of the ceremony.

To request a visit to your Chapter by the Sojourners all that is needed is a phone call to E.Comp David Scully, Provincial Scribe Ezra, at Goldsmith Street. He will arrange for E.Comp Chris to contact your Chapter Scribe, co-ordinate a visit and discuss the topic and nature of the presentation you require.

There is no limit to the number of visits a chapter can receive, so please think about the season ahead, and whilst it is hoped that you are able to complete your programme with candidate ceremonies, the Sojourners are more than happy to assist in filling a meeting's agenda, if that is not possible.