Sojourners return to Nuthall Temple Chapter


Nuthall Temple 210318

And so, once again, the Nottinghamshire Sojourners were able to respond positively to a request for a lecture to be delivered to Nuthall Temple Chapter No 6011 on Wednesday, the 21st of March.

The lecture, using a PowerPoint presentation, gave a full description of the HRA jewel and the symbolism contained in its design and was well received. The evening was made more enjoyable when Nuthall Temple’s newest member – Jonathan Blyth – publican owning and running the 'King Billy' – a real ale pub – on Eyre Street Nottingham - was presented with his grand chapter certificate by Excellent companion Chris Adkin PGSB. The presentation of the certificate appropriately linked to the lecture which had been given earlier by companion John Doyle.

Unusually, for this particular chapter, a raffle was held at the Festive Board where some £80 was raised and is to be donated to the British Red Cross, this being at the suggestion/direction of “Z”- Chris Swift.

The lecture itself, while fully independent of others perhaps is better understood when, like most things Masonic, it is seen as part of something else in this area a lecture dealing with the five regular platonic bodies either before or post delivery of the above could very well be useful – just a thought.

Nottinghamshire Sojourners can be contacted through the good offices of Provincial Scribe Ezra and via him access to more than sixty lectures can be arranged.