Sojourner's report - Porchester Chapter

The Porchester chapter meeting of the 10th of May was more poignant than is ordinarily the case as the evening was given over to the installation of the three principals: “Z” Ian McGowan, while the offices of “H” and “J” were a reversal of that which existed at the commencement of the meeting, i.e. "H" became "J" and "J" became "H"; that is to say that at the end of the evening Ian car became the Second Principal and Kevin Gibson became the Third Principal.

The Most Excellent Grand Superintendent was represented by the Deputy Grand Superintendent and at the Festive Board, literally spelled-out what Chapter meant; I will not here steal his thunder, but those of you who have had the benefit of having chapter "spelled-out" will recall no doubt that the C equals companionship and so on.

Certainly, there was much companionship at the Porchester meeting and those of us fortunate enough to witness the installation of Ian McGowan into the chair of first principal, will have seen companionship, friendship and support demonstrated in the best tradition of our movement and of this order in particular.

A Nottinghamshire Sojourner, on this occasion John Doyle, had the pleasure of delivering a PowerPoint presentation (compiled by companion Bryan Spilsbury) entitled ‘The Holy Royal Arch Jewel’ – which gave a full explanation of the symbolism contained in the design of the jewel. Something must have gone well with the delivery, for the companions were motivated to ask some interesting questions, not all of which were able to be answered on the evening but, with the advantage of attempting to make that “daily advancement”, et cetera, answers were furnished post meeting.

The Festive Board was a joyous occasion not only for the food but the excellent company and conviviality. Companion Chris Morris gave a most interesting and extended Tyler’s Toast and so, might I humbly suggest, you have a glance at your diary and see if you are able to attend the next Porchester meeting scheduled for the 5th of November 2018.

John Doyle
10th May 2018