Sojourner's Cross-Border Visit to Derbyshire

On Monday 27th November 2017, I made my first visit to a Derbyshire chapter, to present our Powerpoint explanation of the symbolism contained in the design of our Holy Royal Arch Jewel.

I was very warmly greeted by the ME, E. Companion Marc Stevens, who is himself a member of the Nottinghamshire Sojourners team. On being introduced to other members as they arrived, the warmth of their greeting and their enthusiasm for the evening ahead was encouraging; prominent amongst the visitors was the PGSupt E. Companion Charles Cunnington.

The presentation was very enthusiastically received by 18 members and 3 visitors, with some interesting comments and questions during the Festive Board at which we enjoyed a very good meal. I took the opportunity to hand out copies of an Aide Memoir, to allow the companions to assimilate some of the reasoning behind the symbolism and interpretations, at their leisure.

Overall, a very enjoyable evening on my first visit to a Derbyshire chapter. Thank you to all those present, who made me so welcome especially with their thanks for an entertaining and informative evening.

E. Comp Chris Yates
A Nottinghamshire Sojourner