Red Cross of Constantine Confirmation in Office Ceremony

 Lindrick Conclave No 479 led by their MPS Andy Logan hosted the ceremony on 29th Oct 2021 which in addition to their own new candidate,David Gaunt Smith , The Conclave also played host to the Intendant General for the Nottinghamshire Division Ralph E Hitchin, supported by the Deputy Intendant General Alan Sears

Although Ralph was named as the Intendant General some months back, it wasn't possible to do the full installation ceremony due to the Covid 19 pandemic so the Grand Sovereign Graham Leslie Flight came to Nottinghamshire along with other senior RCC officials and the Grand Sepulchre Guard to mark this special occasion


Ralph E Hitchin, the Intendant General


Alan Sears , the Deputy Intendant General

The Grand Sovereign performed the Confirmation in Office ceremony, to formalise Right Illustrious Knight Hitchins position as the leader in the Nottinghamshire Division in the Order of the Red Cross of Constantine


All in all a very special occasion for all concerned

Below is the Grand Sovereign , Graham Leslie Flight, the Intendant General of Nottinghamshire,  Ralph E Hitchin , the Most Puissant Sovereign of Lindrick Conclave Andy Logan and many of the supporting officers