Provincial Quiz

Q01. Why do people join the Freemasons?

Q02. What is the most Westerly Masonic Hall used for Craft Masonry in this Province?

Q03. What is 'High Time'?

Q04. What are the names of the Acting Assistant Provincial Grand Masters in this Province?

Q05. Who owns the warrant of the lodge?

Q06. Who was the first Grand Master of England?

Q07. What is the Tracing Board used for?

Q08. What are Ornaments of the Lodge?

Q09. When does the authority of a Master-Elect start?

Q10. What does 'so mote it be' mean?

Q11. What does ‘Just, Perfect and Regular’ mean?

Q12. What do the three great pillars that support the Lodge symbolise?


Answers will be published in the Document Vault when the next quiz is published.