Nottingham Sojourner visits Nuthall Temple Chapter

nuthall temple21st November 2018 gave light to another outing for the Nottinghamshire Sojourners with the interactive presentation, Proclamation of Cyrus, King of Persia; this time for Nuthall Temple Chapter at Goldsmith St. This Chapter really stood out in regards to their very high level of commitment given to the rehearsal of their given parts within this Interactive format presentation. I cannot stress enough the importance of this aspect with any interactive presentation, and Nuthall Temple Chapter certainly delivered. Scr. N, Scr. E and the MEZ were exceptional in their efforts, along with the rest of the Chapter also being extremely proficient in their deliveries.

The Chapter was also honoured with a visit by the Provincial Ceremonial team, which provided an excellent prospect of a memorable evening for all. This interactive Presentation, ‘The Proclamation of Cyrus, King of Persia’ documents a tumultuous time in our World's history, exploring true events that have shaped not only our world but also our Masonic Ritual and particularly, our Ceremony of Exaltation.

A Presentation that spans the annals of time and gives us a glimpse into a far distant past, with not so distant ideals. We hold Cyrus close to our hearts upon taking part in this interactive presentation, and therefore I would urge any chapter in need of something a little different, to request this paper be demonstrated at one of their future Convocations.

This is Companion Craig Staples, a Nottinghamshire Sojourner, signing off on a wonderful evening, with utmost thanks to the Companions of Nuthall Temple Chapter for playing their very integral part to such a high standard. The Provincial Ceremonial Team, for their attendance and support and also, to all visitors present on the evening. Your collective input, attention and very uplifting comments within the Temple and afterward at the Festive Board, where massively appreciated by myself, the Nottinghamshire Sojourners team as a whole, and I'm sure, by all who took part.