Invitation to get 'on yer bike'

East Midlands Freemasons Charity Cycle Ride 2019


The Leicester & Rutland Masonic Cycling Association are formulating plans for the 2019 ride, this is a summary briefing paper for the ideas of the 2019 ride.

Following on from the cycle rides in 2017 for the Tercentenary when 22 riders raised approximately £23,000 split equally between the Festival and Rainbows Hospice. In 2018, 10 riders raised £7,000 for the Festival and Rainbows. We are considering a single day ride starting at Masonic Hall in Leicester and encompass Derby and Nottingham.

The Leicestershire & Rutland Masonic Cycling Association was formed initially for the purpose of the charity ride in 2017 for the Tercentenary. We are registered as a club with Cycling UK, the membership of which provides insurance for the organisers of rides under the LRMCA banner. It should be noted that it is the responsibility of the individual to organise their personal insurance.

We would like to invite Brethren from Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire to join us on our 2019 ride.


The date will most likely be Saturday 29 June 2019, before the commencement of school holidays.

Outline of the Route

The event would be a single day event commencing in Leicester and consist of a route of approximately 80 miles, and 2,500 feet of ascent mostly along the valleys from Leicester to the Masonic Hall, Burton Rd, Derby, and then onto the Masonic Hall, Goldsmith Street, Nottingham and returning to Leicester.

Approximate timings would be as follows:

Depart From Time  Arrive At  Time  Distance
London Rd Leicester 08:00  Burton Rd, Derby  11:00  32 miles
Burton Rd, Derby 11:30 Goldsmith St, Nottingham    13:30 21 mile
Goldsmith St, Nottingham    14:00    London Rd, Leicester 17:00    29 miles

The above timings are based on the first departures, depending on numbers riders would set off in groups of six at 5-10 minute intervals.

Depending on the fitness level of the rider, number of stops to catch breath and traffic levels in the busy areas the above timings assume an average of 10mph. However some riders will be considerable quicker than that.

The route still needs refinement, the aim is always to minimise the use of busy roads, and use cycle ways where appropriate and avoid steep hills, in order to appeal to the broadest number of cyclists.

The route is still to be fully ridden and assessed, and that work will be done incorporating training rides. Likely route will be something like this:



Freemasons of the three Provinces, wives, partners, close family and invited friends.

Support Team

We are hoping to use the Brethren that assisted with the rides in 2017 and 2018.

Charity and Fund Raising

We have previously set up an Everyday Hero site for riders to raise funds for charity. Our two previous rides have split the funds between the Leicestershire & Rutland Festival for the MCF and Rainbows Hospice based in Loughborough. Rainbows have been particularly helpful in providing PR to publicise the ride and this has worked well in raising the profile of Freemasonry.

We would envisage that we would set up a single Everyday Hero site. The funds raised by the riders from each respective province would be donated by them to a charity of their choosing based on the actual amounts raised.

Masonic Centre Support

The ride splits nicely into thirds and use of toilet facilities and provision of basic refreshments at the centres would be appreciated.

Costs for Each Participant

As in previous years we have asked for an entry fee.

For 2019 as a single day ride, the initial costs would be for a contribution to the support team fuel costs, and the association’s annual Cycling UK insurance membership. This is somewhat dependent on numbers but in the region of £10-£15 per rider.

In 2017 for the Tercentenary we sourced a custom printed cycling jersey from China which including artwork set up, shipping and customs duties cost approximately £25 per jersey. However this was priced in dollars, so if we are to have a jersey for this event we should budget in the region of £35, depending on numbers and subject to quotes. It does create a big impact in photographs if all the riders are wearing the same cycling jersey. Although some may find that being required to purchase a jersey to enter is a bit of an imposition it would be good to encourage it. Decision on jerseys would be required by 24 May to allow time for production and shipment from China.

By way of note, the cheapest custom printed cycling jersey I could find in the UK in 2017 was over £50 and it had to be a minimum order of 25 garments.

In summary the costs to enter are envisaged to be in the region of £45 including a jersey.

For further details please contact:
W. Brother Simon Oakfield
Chairman, Leicestershire & Rutland Masonic Cycling Association
216 Cropston Road
07801 481838